Plush Toy EN71 With CE In EU

Plush Toy EN71 With CE In EU.

Plush toys are not unfamiliar to us, especially children. We can see these plush toys everywhere in supermarkets and shopping malls. If plush toys are sold in the EU market, they need to apply for CE certification. Now for everyone Introduce what items need to be done in the EN71 test for plush toys, as well as the topic that everyone is most concerned about. How much does the EN71 test cost?
EN71 test items for plush toys:

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What is EN71 &2 &3?

1. EN 71 Part 1:2005+A9:2009-physical &mechanical Test physical and mechanical test;

2. EN 71 Part 2:1993-flammability Test flammability test;

3. EN 71 Part 3:1994-Toxic Elements Test (19 Toxic Elements Results) 19 kinds of heavy metal elements.

What Is The Charge For EN71 & 2 & 3?

The test fee for plush toys is determined according to the product itself, and charges are based on the material and color. According to EU regulations, different materials and colors must be tested separately, so the cost will be different. Let me give you two examples, let’s take a look!

If it has only one material and one color, it will be charged according to one type.

Furthermore, if the plush toy has only one material, but there are many colors, so the colors are tested separately, then the charge will be charged according to the type of color tested.

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