Custom plush mascot toy for company

Hello, today I’d introduce how to custom plush mascot toy for company.

Plush mascot toy designIn this modern society, many companies and enterprises have their own mascot image. In general, some companies and enterprises will make their mascot to present to customers. Such as star hotels and service industries, and so on. This is another way to spread the company’s brand reputation. So what kind of mascots usually to make? There are can be toys, a hold pillow, a U-shape pillow, silicone toy. Why? Because they can be kept in customer’s homes or offices for a long time! And it will not be used up. It could be in the living room or on the office desk. That can make the customers note your company’s logo and brand. So make mascot plush toys or plush pillow with your Company Logo is hugely important!

How to custom plush mascot toy and FAQ?Plush mascot toy

  • Q: What is the minimum order?
  • A: Our minimum order only 300 pcs per design. So it’s can greatly reduce your initial promotion of the financial pressure.
  • Q: Are you offer a sample& prototype of our company mascot toy?
  • A: Sure. We’re very willing to do. We will create your custom mascot plush toy design after you confirm the quote.
  • Q: What size we can make?
  • A: For the plush mascot toy. We can offer 4″ to 24″. Usually, the mascot plush is 8″-12″ is suitable.
  • Q: How to ship them?
  • A: We will offer the DDP term. (doot to door, taxes included). Will have two ways to ship goods. Ocean or Airfreight. By sea will takes 30-40 days. Airway takes 2-10 days. So you just need to wait for the goods delivered to you!

If you have more questions or mascot toys want to design and produce, just contact us to GET A FREE QUOTE! Let’s assist you always!